Great White Shark

Great white shark

Great white sharks hunt by themselves. Great white shark is a ambush predator. They have a spongy snout to absorb impact and very very big jaws!  They have little tips at the end of their teeth.

Written by JY, age 6

Where do they live?: cold and tropical waters around the world.
What do they eat? bony fish, other sharks, rays, sea lions, dolphins, sea turtles, squid, sea birds
How big are they? 4.3 m to 5.8 m in length,  680 – 1,100 kg
How long do they live?  70 or more years



Fun Facts:

  • Great white sharks have 300 sharp, triangular teeth
  • Great white sharks can swim over 60 km/hr!
  • Great white sharks have such as great sense of smell that they can smell food from 3.5 km away!!
  • If a shark is upside on its back, it will lay still

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