Hammerhead shark


Hammerhead shark live in warm tropical and temperate waters. The head is shaped as a hammer so it can see what’s happening above and what’s happening below at the same time. Hammerhead sharks have excellent eyesight when hunting. When hammerhead sharks are hunting stingrays, they use their head to pin them. Hammerhead sharks gather up and protect themselves from predators such as Orcas when they are in schools of sharks.

Written by JY, age 6

Where do they live?: worldwide warm tropical and temperate oceans

What do they eat? lobster, shrimp, crab, fish

How big are they? 2 to 4.3 m in length, 19,000kg

How long do they live?  20 to 30 years


Fun Facts:

  • The eyes can see both above and below but they cannot see in front of their nose!
  • Hammerhead sharks can get a tan from the sun!
  • Favorite food of the hammerhead shark is stingray!
  • Hammerhead sharks rarely attack humans (unlike the great white sharks!)




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hammerhead shark headband

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