Cookie cutter shark- cookie shaped bites


Cookie cutter sharks are one of the weirdest animals that take out round bites of its prey-that’s why they are called, “cookie cutter”.  They can break metal with their bite.  They are part of the dogfish family. Cookie cutter sharks look like tiny fish when they are near the sun because the sun deflects light from them.

Written by JY, age 6

cookiecutter_damage Wikimedia Commons

Where do they live?:warm, temperate and tropical waters of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, around islands at depths of 1000 m or more
What do they eat? seals, whales, dolphins, tuna, great white sharks and stingrays
How big are they? 42 cm to 56 cm
How long do they live?  unknown
cookiecuttersharkglow cookie cutter sharks emit light



Fun Facts:

  • Cookie cutter shark has the largest teeth of all sharks and their lower teeth are bigger than the upper teeth
  • Cooke cutter sharks have about 435 – 465 teeth
  • Cookie cutter sharks sometimes eat their own teeth from the lower jaw for strong bones
  • Cookiecutter shark has light-emitting organs, called photophores on its belly


Watch a video about the Cookie cutter shark

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