Saltwater Crocodile – the largest living reptile in the world and the most powerful bite ever!


The saltwater crocodile is the largest crocodile and the living reptile. Males can weigh up to 1000 kg and can grow up to 6 meters long. Female crocodiles are half the size but no less dangerous. Saltwater crocodiles hunt by lunging at prey and clamp down with their powerful jaws and swallow their prey whole. They are cold-blooded so they regulate their body temperature warming themselves in the sun or cooling off in the water. They have about 64-68 teeth and have an “A” shaped snout.  When their snout is closed, they have some teeth poking out.


Where do they live?: Northern Australia, parts of South-east Asia, Africa, America
What do they eat? crabs, turtles, snakes, birds, buffalo, wild boar, and monkeys
How big are they? up to 6 m and 1000 kg
How long do they live? up to 70 years



saltwater crocodile habitat

Fun Facts:

  • Baby crocs make chirping sounds in their eggs before hatching
  • When a crocodile loses a tooth, it is quickly replaced. These reptiles can go through 8,000 teeth over a lifetime.
  • Crocodiles don’t sweat. If hot, they cool off by hanging out in the water.
  • Crocodiles are fast swimmers and can swim up to 32 kph
  • Crocodiles have the strongest bite among all living animals at 16,460 newtons of bite force

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