Archerfish- precise aim


Archer fish looks like your pet fish but if you are a bug, then you can see the creature power. The creature power is that it can spit a blob a water so it can eat its prey. How does it do it? First, the archer fish swims to the top of the surface and gets some water in its mouth and then aims for the bugs on a branch. Then it shoots water which turns into a glob. Archer fish have to predict where the bug is going to land. The young fish, like other other archer fish, must learn this technique. The archer fish can shoot from any angle.


Where do they live?: Australia, India, Polynesia and Philippines. in salty mangrove swamps
What do they eat? insects
How big are they? up t0 25cm
How long do they live? 5  to 8 years
What is its creature power? Archerfish use water as their weapon. They shoot a jet of water from their mouth to hit insects and other prey above the water surface with perfect precision


Fun Facts:

  • Archerfish can shoot accurately to up to 2 meters away
  • Archerfish have highly developed eyesight that allow them to adjust for refraction of light that takes place at air and water boundary.
  • Archerfish are very persistent. If they miss their first shot, they will repeatedly keep shooting until the succeed.
  • Young archer fish get into hunting business by the time they reach the length of 2.5 centimeters but they are not very good at aiming yet. So, young archerfish will usually hunt in small groups
  • Archer fish are observational learners


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