Orca (Killer whale) – skillful hunters in the ocean, land and air


The orca is a deadly hunter even though it looks  friendly to people. The orca hunts in packs. The orcas are very smart creatures and work together to hunt and protect themselves. The orcas has all different kinds of ways to catch prey.  Sometimes, they jump out of the water to catch sea birds. And sometimes they stick their body out of the water to see what’s around it. Sometimes, when they are hunting polar bears, they try to break a piece of the ice and then try to flip it over. When they are hunting octopus, they pull off all the arms so it cannot attach. Sometimes, they hunt walruses, they jump out of the water and try to sink the walrus that are on the ice.  They hunt penguins by jumping onto the ice

Written by JY, age 7, Toronto

Killer whale

Scientific Name: Orcinus orca
Where do they live?: all the ocean of the world
What do they eat? dolphins, fish, sharks, narwhals, sea lions, giant squid, sometimes other whales, basically everything
How big are they? up to 54000 kg ; 7  to 9.7 meters
How long do they live? up to  29 years in captivity
What is its creature power? Skillful hunters. They can hunt almost any prey in the water, on ice, on land or in the air!



Dark blue areas are there the orcas live.

orca habitat

Fun Facts:

  • No other animals hunts killer whales (except humans)
  • Orcas, otherwise known as killer whales, are not whales but dolphins!
  • Orcas eat sharks including the great white shark! Orcas are scarier than sharks!
  • Orcas have the largest dorsal fin among sharks and dolphins.


Watch a video about the Orca

Octonauts: orcas

Who said sharks are scary? Orca hunting a tiger shark

Activities and Crafts:

1. Cut and match to the right animal: Orca vs Whale Shark (2 pages PDF)

LBA worksheet-orca vs whale shark LBA worksheet- orca vs whale shark fact cards

2. Make an orca with a white paper plate, black markers and black construction paper for the fins.

orca plate craft

A great orca cut-out craft:

orca craft  Click for step by step photo  instructions (in Japanese)orca-paper cutout


Learn more about the Orca

National Geographic: Killer Whale
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Books and Stories to read:

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