Peregrine falcon – the world’s fastest animal


The Peregrine falcon is a special creature because it is the fastest animal in the world. Now you may know that the cheetah is a really fast creature and can go up to speeds up to 113km/hr but you cannot forgot about the peregrine falcon. It can go up to 328 km/hr!  The peregrine falcon has great eye sight. This falcon has two kinds of dives (1) swoop that reaches high in the sky and lets gravity fall and tucks its wings and dives really fast. (2) under swoop dive where it goes under the prey and gets it with really sharp talons.

Written by JY, age 7. Toronto


Scientific name: Falco peregrinus
Where do they live?: All around the world except for Antarctica
What do they eat? Small mammals, birds
How big are they? females: 46 to 54 cm, 910 g; males: 38 to 46 cm long,  570 g
How long do they live? 7-15 years
What is its creature power? fastest animal in the world reaching speeds of up to 328km/hr

Fun Facts!

  • Peregrine falcons are live everywhere around the world except Antarctica
  • There are 22 types (subspecies) of the Peregrine falcons
  • Peregrine falcons fly far! Some peregrine falcons fly from the Artic to South America! That’s 24,945 kilometers
  • Peregrine falcons can be trained to hunt. It’s a sport that is called, “falconry”
  • Peregrine falcons can capture its prey in the air by diving down and striking it with one wing (so that the falcon does not injure itself).


source: National Geographic Kids

Migration from Northen Canada all the way to Chile for a peregrine falcon named, “Island girl” from the Falcon Research Group.

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Activities and Crafts:


Click to download a printable peregrine mask [PDF] via Avon Gorge & Downs Wildlife project.



Make a peregrine falcon with paper rolls, gray paper, glue, rubber band and magnets. Find instructions at Crack of dawn crafts

Or color and piece together a falcon with a falcon printable at learncreatelove

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