Tokay Gecko – can walk on walls!

20170707 tokay_gecko

Tokay geckos can walk on ceilings. How they do it is that they have tiny setae on their feet which are like tiny toothbrushes. Another way that they do with an electrical charge that helps the feet stick to a surface. The toes can bend back so they can move. The tokay geckos use their tongues to wash their eyes to keep them moist.

They eat bugs and other small vertebrate. All geckos can sing but the tokay sings, “okay tokay”.

Written by JY, Age 7, Toronto


Check out the foot of the tokay gecko! It has ridges on it that allow it to stick to surfaces:

20170710_tokay foot


The tokay gecko can lick its eye! Can you?

20170710_tokay lick
source: National Geographic Kids

Scientific name: gekko gecko
Where do they live?: South-east Asia, including Indonesia and Malaysia; introduced to Florida, Texas, Hawaii, some Caribbean islands and Belize
What do they eat? insects, mice, small birds, small lizards
How big are they? 18 to 32 cm (7 to 14 inches)
How long do they live? 7 to 10 years
What is its creature power? climbing up walls and walking upside down

Fun Facts:

  • Tokay geckos only see in black and white because they are nocturnal
  • Tokay geckos can change color –  lighter by day and darker at night.
  • Tokay geckos have  toes with ridges on the pads allowing them to walk on vertical surfaces or even ceilings
  • Tokay gecko’s large eyes are covered by transparent scales that act as protective lenses  so cleaning their eyes is cleaning their scales!
  • Only the male tokay gecko gives makes the sound “tokay” or “ge-ko”


Geckos have adapted to a great variety of habitats, from deserts to rain forests. They generally live in forests, but they have also can often be found living inside houses and buildings.


Watch a video about the Tokay Gecko

The fascinating thing about the tokay gecko is its almost magical ability to walk on walls. Check out the secret of their creature power:

Activities and Crafts:

1.Create a cool tokay gecko painting with some paint and q-tips (via

20170710_tokay_black outline

2. Or you can just color in your gecko using a printout of an outline:

20170710_tokay outline

download via (


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