Draco Lizard – the gliding lizard

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A Draco lizard has the ability to glide. They can fly by using the skin the arms and legs. You can see the web when they open their arms. They climb up to a high place and then they jump. At the same time, the wings exposed, at a 45 degree angle, falling and catching wind, moving forward and they can glide up to 200 feet. The wings help to control the steering while gliding. When they see their landing place and make a quick swoop to land. Their wings feel like thick paper. The wings are orange on the bottom with spots and gray on top. The draco lizard can climb up trees really fast.

They live in the rainforests in Asia.

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Scientific name: Draco
Where do they live?: tropical rainforests in southern India and South-east Asia
What do they eat? small ants and termites
How big are they? about 20 cm (including tail)
How long do they live? unknown or up to 1 year (captivity)
What is its creature power?  The draco has the ability to fly!

20170712_draco dewlap

Check out the dewlap, the “sail” under the draco lizard’s neck. This helps the draco “sail” through the air!


20170712_draco map

Draco Lizards are found in South-east Asia and South India

Fun Facts:

  • There are over 40 species of draco lizards in different colors (red, blue, brown, orange) and patterns
  • Draco lizards have a flap of skin below their neck, called the dewlap, that helps stabilize it while flying
  • Males and females can be identified by color under the wing. Males are blue. Females are yellow.
  • Draco lizard’s ribs can extend and retract because the ribs are part of its wings!
  • Draco lizard’s tail is used for steering while gliding
  • Draco lizards can glide up to 30 meters or 100 feet!

Watch a video about Draco Lizard: 

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Activities and Crafts:

20170712_draco lizard coloring

Click for draco lizard coloring page (PDF)

Conservation Status: 

The draco lizard is a common species and is not listed as threatened

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