Parson’s Chameleon – The master color changer

Chameleons are one of the hardest animals to find. They most of them live in Madagascar and eat insects like the  Madagasi Hoverfly. They are a reptile and can change into almost any color and shade. It changes color depending on the environment. Chameleons do this to avoid predators and to catch it length of the body. Another face is that chameleons are the only lizard that can move one eye in another direction- almost no animal can do that.

Scientific name: Calumma parsonii
Where do they live?: Madagascar
What do they eat? bugs, madagasi hoverfly
How big are they? up to 27 inches (69.5 centimeters)
How long do they live? up to 9 years
What is its creature power? Camouflage power and eye can move in opposite directions



Hangs out in trees Madagascar, Africa

Fun Facts:

  • Eyes move in different directions. Not many animals can do that. Can you do that?
  • Skin can change into different colors so that it stays hidden from predators
  • Parson’s chameleon can stay very still -so still that you might not notice it is there!
  • Prehensile tail – the ability to use its tail to hang on to things
  • Chameleons are one of the most very difficult creatures to find

Chameleon (Parson's)

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